Tip #1 -Know the schedule

Now more than ever scheduling matters in the NBA. Be aware of which team is on the 2nd night of a back-to-back. Coaches (especially the Warriors’ Steve Kerr) will smartly schedule rest for their veteran players when the games come too bunched together. Knowing who’s playing and who’s sitting makes a huge difference in modern-day NBA.

Tip #2 -Head-to-head trends can matter

When the Warriors play the Pelicans, you can be assured a track meet will ensue as New Orleans loves the challenge of running against the best. But if it’s a trip to San Antonio, Golden State knows slow-down basketball may be the strategy invoked to give the Spurs a chance to hang close. Don’t just look at who wins the recent matchups, look at the final scores as over/under trends can often be a profitable way to go.

Tip #3 -Know your individual matchups

Certain players get extra amped for certain games. Kyrie Irving will always want to play LeBron tough. LeBron will want to show out against the Warriors. Kawahi Leonard hates the Spurs and will surely give them his best effort when they matchup now that he is in Toronto. Chris Paul has a vowed hatred for the Warriors. Steph Curry loves to light it up in his home state of North Carolina. Be aware of all the individual motivations that can affect the game result.