JR’s Investment Players Club

With the popularity of sports betting sweeping the Nation, even the newest and smallest bettors, can now be a member of a once restricted club.

The Investment Players Club Program in previous years has been limited to high roller players betting large amounts on each one of Jr’s IPC selections. However, with the supreme court ruling favoring states rights – creating more liquidity in the marketplace than ever before. JR has decided the IPC will be better served in the hands of a much larger clientele. From professional sports bettors to beginners alike, People that are looking for an exciting way to make money by taking advantage of the greatest time sensitive information available in the sports betting information business.

The IPC information is coupled with the best money management system known to the industry. JR, being a former stock-broker and fiduciary has tested, tried and true many other methods before determining the system used today is far and wide the best strategy to maximize profits.

Not only is JR known as “The New York Cowboy” He’s also been on sports radio as an expert sports betting analyst for over 15 years. Jr’s free pick documented record has coined him Mr. 81%

In pursuit of acquiring as much market share as possible while each city in the country is rapidly opening their doors to the sports betting business, JR has made the bold decision to expand The IPC to 500 new members and for a fraction of its normal cost.

Fill out the form for further inquiry and to see if JR thinks you have what it takes to be an IPC Member. All size players are invited, however, You should know before filling out this form that this system requires precision without deviation. JR is looking for serious players that understand discipline and patience is needed in any financial endeavor, especially in the competitive arena of point spread betting. Tilt the odds in your favor by filling out the form below or by calling the office at 800 416 7771. Please ask to speak to a representative about The Investment Players Club Program.