10 Tips On How To Bet The NFL

Tip #1 - Check the Weather report

These days the Internet makes it easy to check not only today’s weather, but the projected forecast for the weekend. Take advantage and do your homework, checking regularly throughout the week to make sure weather conditions (don’t forget wind!) won’t disrupt your game (and money) come gameday.

Tip #2 - Check the injury report

NFL teams are required to give regular injury updates. Some coaches are more forthright and honest than others, so pay close attention throughout the season to see which teams’ reports are most accurate. Keeping up with the updates on ESPN, Fox and the various team blogs for injury news is also encouraged.

Tip # 3 - Check quarterback performance versus opponent

Drew Brees shreds the league in his home dome, but how does he play outdoors when it’s 30 degrees out? Know your history as it is often a good indicator of future performance.

Tip # 4 - Compare recent meetings

Is there a big head-to-head edge? Do the Falcons always beat the Bucs in Atlanta? Do the Bengals step up in class when Pittsburgh comes to town?

Tip #5 - Look for line movements and reverse line movements

Which way is the public going? Are the sharps with them, or waiting for the line to keep getting inflated before pouncing the other way?

Tip #6 - Know the importance of the matchup

A Week 2 NFL game is far different than a Week 13 matchup. Know the playoff possibilities and motivations for each side. Taking Dallas over an Eagles team that already clinched home field advantage in Week 17 of the 2017 season turned out to be easy money for those paying close attention. Philly played its 3rd string QB the majority of the game and never came close to caring about winning. Easy $ for Dallas backers.

Tip # 7 - Check head coach performance against opponent

Does Sean Payton own the Bucs but struggles with the Panthers? Certain teams give matchup problems to even the best NFL squads.

Tip # 8 - Check head coach vs. head coach

Jim Harbaugh vs. Pete Carroll used to be a blood-war in the NFC West. Pay attention to which coaches dominate head-to-head meetings with others, especially within the division.

Tip #9 - Check team performance on grass and turf.

We all know the Falcons and Saints love to play on fast tracks in their home domes. How do dome teams do outdoors and vice versa?

Tip #10 - Don't over-bet a game just because it's on National TV

Everybody loves the action of a Thursday, Sunday or Monday Night NFL game, but these are often the toughest to handicap. The oddsmakers know the public will be pounding these games and the lines are usually very dialed in making it difficult to find a real edge in these Prime Time matchups. Show some patience and save your big bets for games that really warrant them.