Tip #1 - Know your rivalry games

And we’re not just talking the obvious ones like Alabama-Auburn or Michigan-Ohio State. The Cal Bears may have a miserable season in progress but you have to know that when it comes to The Big Game against local rival Stanford, Cal will be up for the game no matter what the record going in may be. College kids aged 18 to 22 can be emotionally up and down, but rivalry games tend to bring out max effort and crazy results on a yearly basis, so be aware.

Tip #2 - Head coaching matchups

Urban Meyer is undefeated against Jim Harbaugh entering the 2018 season. Will the Ohio State dominance continue or has Harbaugh based his entire Michigan offseason around finally beating the Buckeyes. Wagerpro is on top of this and countless other head coaching rivalries throughout the country.

Tip #3 - Home field advantage

Not all home fields are worth the same. San Jose State playing at home to New Mexico might draw 10,000 apathetic fans. But when Boise State hosts a game on the blue turf, you’re not only taking on the Broncos, you’re taking on the entire state of Idaho, or so it seems. Know which crowds are game-changers and adjust your bets accordingly (beware of those road trips to Hawaii, visiting college kids tend to get distracted easily!).

Tip #4 - Time zones and kickoff times

Last year it was Cal opening up at North Carolina. Two years ago it was Stanford at Northwestern. Cross country flights followed up by 9 a.m. body-clock kickoffs for the West Coast teams are always a huge obstacle to overcome. This isn’t the NFL. These kids have to juggle school work and responsibilities and when they are forced to play so far away from home at a time they almost never play at, the opportunities for wagering success are abundant if you can identify the right situations.

Tip #5 - Wild West Shootouts

Again, unlike the NFL, college football often brings a different style of play depending on what conference is in action. When Baylor and Oklahoma State match up in the pass-happy Big 12, you better believe the scoreboard operator will be working overtime and the total on a game will likely be posted in the 60s if not higher. Know each conference’s strengths and weaknesses to evaluate games both in and out of conference.