Tip #1 - Head coaches matter

Coach K. Tom Izzo. Roy Williams. Jay Wright. John Calipari. In college basketball the coaches tend to be the stars far more than the players. Know which coaches have a history of success and which are trying to claw their way up the ladder. Come March Madness, it’s no coincidence the same group of coaches tend to be around deep in the tourney.

Tip #2 - One-and-dones

More than ever, the best college players only stick around for 1 season before bolting for the NBA. Knowing which top high school players are going to have the ability to dominate at the college level is key to winning at college hoops.

Tip #3 - Cinderella stories

Who is this year’s George Mason or Wichita State? You probably had no idea the Nevada Wolfpack enters the 2018-19 season ranked high in the Top 10 in most preseason ratings, but the experts at Wagerpro are on top of it and will have you making money on the under the radar teams like Nevada all season long.