2021 NBA Power Rankings Week 4

Written By Michael Thomas

11/9/21 – Week 4 NBA Power Rankings

Is reality sinking in yet?

Through Sunday, teams have played an average of 9.7 games, not enough for a full evaluation of where they stand in the NBA hierarchy, but perhaps enough for some truths to have been told. Just ask the Boston Celtics, who seem to have had a let’s-just-put-it-out-there moment after getting outscored, 51-19, by the Chicago Bulls over the final 14-plus minutes on Monday.

Some truths probably haven’t been voiced out loud (and to the media), but there’s no erasing the 8-11 games that have played thus far. And within those 8-11 games, there are some clues as to where these teams will finish in the standings come April 10 and as to which players will contribute most (or least) to those results.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Some teams have surpassed expectations thus far and are bound to remain on that path. The 7-3 Washington Wizards and 7-4 Cleveland Cavaliers are the two biggest surprises in the league, they rank sixth and seventh in this week’s rankings, and they’ll get to test themselves against each other when they meet in Cleveland on Wednesday.


1 Miami Heat

2 Golden State Warriors

3 Brooklyn Nets

4 Philadelphia 76ers

5 Utah Jazz

6 Washington Wizards

7 Cleveland Cavaliers

8 New York Knicks

9 Chicago Bulls

10 Phoenix Suns 

11 Memphis Grizzlies

12 Denver Nuggets

13 Toronto Raptors

14 Portland Trail Blazers

15 Dallas Mavericks

16 Milwaukee Bucks

17 Los Angeles Lakers

18 LA Clippers

19 Boston Celtics

20 Atlanta Hawks

21 Charlotte Hornets

22 Indiana Pacers

23 Sacramento Kings

24 San Antonio Spurs

25 Minnesota Timberwolves

26 Orlando Magic

27 Oklahoma City Thunder

28 Detroit Pistons

29 New Orleans Pelicans

30 Houston Rockets